Baby food prep with Nuby

Avery is only 3 weeks old but when presented with the opportunity to get Nuby's Garden Fresh Mash n' Feed bowl and Garden Fresh Freezer tray I jumped at it. We are a ways away from feeding solids but this little system is perfect for when we get to that stage. In fact, I actually... Continue Reading →

Lessons Learned by Going From One Child to Two

While pregnant with Avery I never gave much thought to what it was going to be like going from one child to two. Mostly because Hayden is six years old and I didn't have to worry about extra diaper changes or feedings. At six, Hayden can be pretty self sufficient when he wants to be... Continue Reading →

The “Baby Blues”

Nobody tells you that you are going to feel this way. I was not at all prepared for the aftermath of emotions that came post delivery. I started to feel that there was something wrong with me, that I was broken emotionally as well as physically since the c-section. The sadness, frustration when things didn't... Continue Reading →

Avery’s Birth

So little Miss Avery is finally here and a week old yesterday! After months of feeling her grow, kick, roll and hiccup her way into existence she decided to make her debut at 37 weeks and 2 days on March 23rd. The night before while out to dinner with Aaron and the kids I started... Continue Reading →

37 Weeks

37 weeks today. This is the point in pregnancy where time seems to slow way down. So far this pregnancy has passed by fairly quickly but I have a feeling this last week will take forever to get through and I plan to continue to work up until the day before I go in to... Continue Reading →

What’s in my Hospital Bags

I have a little over two weeks left to prepare for this baby unless she decides to make an earlier debut. I have been back and forth on what to pack in both my hospital bag and the baby's bag and finally decided today to sit down and get it done because you never know... Continue Reading →

Preparing with Nuby

I finally got the nesting bug. Well sort of. We had a big snowstorm blow through our area yesterday and since school was canceled and I had no intention of leaving the house, I put my time to good use (after I took a nap of course). So I decided to finally prepare the bottles,... Continue Reading →

Counseling Beginnings

I never thought that I would be here, that my child would ever need this. Yet here I sit in the waiting room anticipating meeting with my son's new counselor for the first time. It's hard to admit that my child is having problems. That he is having a hard time coping with the transitions... Continue Reading →

34 Weeks (and 2 days)

Week 34 and I am miserable. I really thought I was tolerating this pregnancy fairly well up until this point. My motivation to do anything is non existent and even getting out of bed in the morning and dragging my oversized belly and ass to work is the most exhausting thing I will do all... Continue Reading →

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